Mental Training and Coaching

Any coach knows the following situation: his player has prepared properly to play the tournament, but his mind fails at key moments.
Pressure, fear, stress to competition lead to nervousness and lack of concentration. But it is precisely in these situations of stress and extreme difficulty, when the player has to give the best of himself, be strong mentally.

And this moment is crucial!

Only the one who is advised by a coach, mentor or trainer is successful in a discipline.

I am not an exception. And you are probably not either.

Throughout my successful work with more than 300 clients using Coaching as a tool, I have been able to make important personal changes and make qualitative leaps in my life. I have been able to change attitudes, points of view and the way of understanding things. For example, a new trend or method is not always applicable to a particular person, and only makes sense at certain times.


At some point in my life I too have fallen into the trap, I have been seduced by the guaranteed shortcut and the easy way. I have come across methods that have not met my expectations, with trends that were not entirely applicable in my personal situation. I prefer to work with those concepts with a solid foundation that attack the root of the problem, and that are not limited to treating only the symptoms. It is true that they are not always the most attractive, however these simple and solid concepts work because they are the most effective. These are the concepts that I want to convey with my work, and with them I want to avoid having to waste your time and your money.
A good number of coaches and players are looking for support in the mental field, but find that the methods they have learned, some too easily, others with greater effort, work for a while and they regress to previous behavior patterns or even re-commit some unwanted vices. Otherweise they go to motivational seminars and come out completely inspired, with a lot of new purposes and techniques that can apply to give the definitive change. But with the passing days they feel how that positive energy gradually disappears and they realize that they have not applied the learned techniques with the expected results, even the daily problems increase.

Then, at this point, the following question arises: what must I do to have the change I need?

First the base, than the mental training strategies …
What do you need to achieve lasting change that will lead you to success?
You need a mental training concept that not only works the symptoms of the problem, but also allows you to get rid of the root of the problem. It doesn´t work if your players know the best techniques of motivation, relaxation and concentration, but they don´t apply them in key moments. It is necessary to analyze the reasons that make them forget them or do not apply them correctly. It is necessary to investigate the causes of the problem.
The basis for all deep and lasting behavior change is:

  1. Know the root of the problem that prevents you from having new results.
  2. Know if you really want to get out of the problem and for what concrete results you would make that change.
  3. Start a process of personal transformation so that you can have the results you want.

According to my practical observation, these three fundamental points are not fulfilled in 9 out of 10 cases, since we treat the symptoms with techniques, methods and tips that only work in fertile ground. Once you complete this basic work you can successfully apply all the techniques and methods you know, as you have prepared your players mentally and they will be ready for change. You will discover how easy and fun it is to be more successful and maximize the level of performance.

What does the success of your athletes depend upon?

Beyond the technique, the tactics, the physical level and the strategies to improve the mental strength, there are two points that are fundamental to be successful. Both are essential requirements for success in your training:

1. Commitment
2. Attitude

These are the two aspects that you must develop in your players if they want to improve to become tennis professionals and win trophies. Without these requirements, success will always be out of reach.
After having exploited all the technical, tactical, physical and mental resources, we can only understand that commitment and delivery are the points that will lead us to achieve the goals we seek, and that a positive and winning attitude are the keys to lasting success. Without them, it will be impossible to develop the right level of play according to the expectations.
A good coach and trainer will tell you the following:

[tweet bird=”yes”]”You do not need tricks or shortcuts, what you need is dedication and total commitment to your dreams and a winning attitude that helps you to see solutions in each problem, adapt quickly and constantly motivate you to overcome all the obstacles on your way to success”


The higher your goal, the more obstacles and problems you will encounter in your path. The greater your goals, the greater your dedication and your commitment. Your disposition to fulfill 100% of the conditions and requirements that the result requires. For this it is indispensable that you have a winning mentality.
Successful coaches are those who are able to give a good technical, tactical, physical, mental and personal training to their athletes. Those who manage to get the right attitude to their players. An attitude of commitment, self-demand and delivery necessary to overcome all difficulties, to enjoy the effort and develop the ability to excel on the road of success.

That’s why my mental coaching and coaching program is prepared to:
• Attack the root of problems that keep you from progressing and not just treating your symptoms.
• Ask you unusual questions that will make you understand why your players do not have the right attitude, why they see in each solution a problem, instead of seeing solutions to problems.
• Know what tools you need so that your players have a total commitment to each training. What you need to make your players engaged when you’re not present.
• Be clear about the goals of each player, also yours as a coach, so that instead of pressing you, you both are inspired by your goals. The more ambitious the goal, the more enthusiasm and excitement you have.
• Knowing what can help you reach your goals more easily, quickly, and effectively.
• Benefit from a psychologically oriented training program with which you can train the mental skills of your players on court.
• Ensure an interdisciplinary teamwork framework to help you solve recurring problems; To make a qualitative leap in the performance of your players and your work.


Nothing! Rather the question is … For which result do you want to use my coaching? With my mental coaching program and coaching we will combine your experience with mine, so that you, your team and your players can reap the benefits and make the changes you want. My program allows players to develop a winning attitude and total commitment. Together we will define the strategies to follow on and off court. These strategies will help your players improve their tennis, mental and personal skills so that they can increase their confidence and their mental strength.
So that your players are able to give the maximum in the most important situations on the match. In the crucial moments they will be able to play with courage, humility, effort, spirit of struggle and improvement. They will be energetic and successfull!

I support and advise you in three ways …
Depending on your goals, and the goals of your players, I offer you 3 different formats:

– Personal advice as a coach with a “Coach the coach”

– Advice for your athletes on and off court following the 10 steps of my “Success-Power-Program” with a “Coach the player”

Success-Power-Day. A day of Coaching via Skype of 2 to 4 hours so that you know my Coaching and that will facilitate the first impulse and change in your work.

For this I use the following methods:

– Practical mental training exercises on court
– Use of video and videofeedback
– Theoretical and practical modules
– Individual and group exercises
– Online and offline coaching sessions

What results can you expect?
Regardless of the format you choose, I will advise you personally and individually. In any case I guarantee the following results:

1. Your players will be mentally prepared to play a tennis match.
2. Your attitude will be positive in training and during matches.
3. They will overcome their internal blockages and the difficulties, and will raise the level of excellence in their performance.
4. They will know how to handle emotions on and off court.
5. They will be able to solve any recurring problems during the competition.
6. They will use the time between points optimally, and improve their concentration.
7. They will enjoy during their matches.
8. You will have the tools that will allow you to give mental support to your players.

What are your added benefits?
My “Success-Power-Program” is designed to be able to root out the problems. Working on the pillars of commitment, dedication, ability to excel and the development of a winning attitude, we will make it so that working with the players becomes easier, more rewarding and fun.
This will be achieved through my mental coaching and coaching program: fun, success and professionalism. Start today. I look forward to meeting you and writing a new story of victories and glories together.

I wish with all my heart to your players, to your team and to you a lot of success.

Your friend and coach,

Maite Torres Terry

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