What and Why


Welcome to my website! My name is Maite Torres Terry and I’m very glad that you found me.

I was born in Madrid, and since I was a little girl, I remember being glued to the television watching the great duels of Roland Garros and Wimbledon. It did not matter how long the match lasted, my passion was never exhausted, and being able to feel the tension on court is something that still ignites my enthusiasm with no limits. It was in those days when I decided that in the future I would be part of the wonderful world of professional tennis and that exclusive scenario. Today I have seen my wish fulfilled, and I am fortunate to be able to combine passion and work in competitive tennis. I have been living in Berlin for more than twenty years, and when I am not working online with my coaches and players – for the purpose of improving their mental game – I am traveling around the world with my clients, getting to know new cultures and countries, feeling the same enthusiasm about high level competition as when I was a child.

Why are you so important to me?

Because I am passionate and admire your work: the challenge of training people and the task of letting the talent that a child carries inside grow, forge and develop. It fascinates me to see how a tennis player overcomes difficulties, overcomes themselves, matures, learns to solve problems while acquiring a tennis excellence that they can enjoy all their lives.

All this is even more exciting if, in addition, their commitment leads then to professional tennis; Also for the great personal and professional challenges that this entails. My mission is to support you in your work and be part of the team that will help your players to make the best of themselves so that they are winners in tennis and life. As Coaches and trainers we support others to overcome their barriers and to develop personally. To my understanding, this is one of the most exciting tasks. Because all changes and transformations, whether small or large, are only achieved if each of us changes and develops.

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To be able to see a very personal dream fulfilled it is necessary to have a dedication. This includes a high level of mental strength and a great capacity of adaptation and personal change. Competitive tennis is not possible without the mental aspect and the advances that have been applied for years from the field of Sports Psychology and Coaching. It is impossible to become an excellent tennis player without having developed the technical, tactical, physical, mental and personal aspects. If a player is not able to get the desired results, it is advisable to make a change and behave differently. Whoever is not willing to change, to develop as a person, to strengthen their mind by changing their way of thinking, their emotions, their attitudes and behaviors, will never be able to reach success permanently.

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My main task will be to support you in your work so that change, development and unblocking are possible. There is no magic trick or formula here. Together, coaches, technical coaches and mental-coach, we will form a team with which we will open doors, and with which we will create new possibilities of change for our players, so that they can cross the threshold and reach a higher level of performance and maturity. The players are who decide if they want to take that step and cross the threshold.


To achieve this, I will support you with my work on three levels: On the first level we will use mental training techniques off and on the court, such as training routines and rituals, visualization techniques, relaxation, breathing, goal training, motivation, handling of thoughts, emotions, concentration, etc. With them we will support the athletes so that they can overcome situations of stress. On a second, deeper level, which I call “contextual level,” we will study the mental-emotional system of the person that prevents them from achieving new results or not having the results they want. With Contextual® Coaching, the athlete can start a personal transformation process that will allow them to achieve a better performance and a better level of results. And on a third emotional level, we will use the coaching technique called Wingwave®, an effective technique with which we will be able to release the athlete from emotional blocks.
I will support you, your team and your players by combining these three levels of coaching and asessment, so that together you can obtain an improvement of the maximum performance and achieve the desired successes.
For more than 10 years I have been working as a Mental-Coach in the field of tennis. By following the 10 steps of my “Success-Power-Program” (SPP) for a period of six months to a year, I help my clients to be mentally strong, to learn to enjoy competition, to grow in difficulties and to develop a winning mentality. In short, to find the key that opens the doors of success. After all, it is about seeing fullfilling sports goals and personal dreams.
If you are willing to open your mind to new ways of working to take full advantage of your mental skills, you have just found your Mental-Coach.
I promise you that together we can achieve your personal dream!

I send you a powerful greeting.
Your friend and coach,
Maite Torres Terry