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“Use the mental advantage by taking advantage of the most innovative techniques in Sport Psychology and Coaching backed by a solid scientific base”

No false promises and short-term solutions. I am here to support you as a tennis coach in the task of forming competitive minds, winners and successful players in life and tennis. My goal as a Mental-Coach, an expert in mental training and sports psychology, is to offer you innovative strategies, methods, resources and perspectives so that you and your players can be more successful and achieve your goals and dreams.

“It is scientifically proven that psychologically well-trained athletes are more successful than those who do not consider their mental preparation for competition” (Henning Allmer).

Knowing how to develop the ability to overcome and be 100% involved is the first step to improving mental strength and have a winning mentality over time. Only an absolute commitment and professional attitude will make you and your players more successful and  move them to the next level of performance. Then you will discover that the day to day on the court is more fun and rewarding. If you want to know how to develop a winning mind read my Blog and follow me on facebook!


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Hello! My name is Maite Torres Terry and in this short video I want to introduce myself as a Mental-Coach. I have been living in Germany for more than twenty years and I am known as an expert in 100% winning mentality and lasting success. I am among the top 40 sports Psychology experts in this country, and I have worked with all kinds of team sports as well as individual, winter and summer sports, and Olympic disciplines.
And my great passion is tennis! I am a team player in Germany and I also compete for teams in this country. In this short video I want to explain the benefits of my work and why I want to put my personal and professional experience your service. Thank you!

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N24 Live “In a  Shock situation is difficult to compete”

I was invited to the studios of channel N24 from the German television to hear my opinion as an expert in Sports Psychology regarding the decision to play 24 hours after suffering the attack on the BVB bus in which the Spanish player Marc Bartra was injured. They wanted to know if, in my oppinion as a psychologist, it´s possible to play at a good level after a traumatic experience.

Mental-Coach Maite I. Rego

Together we make it possible for your athletes to develop the mentality and attitude that allows them to have dedication and total commitment. As a team we create the framework for your players to grow and learn to change. Our collaboration is focused on achieving the maximum performance and harmony between the execution and the personality of the player. After all, it is nothing more and nothing less than forming people and seeing a very personal dream fulfilled.


Motivation, concentration, confidence and mental toughness, mental management and competitive stress, regulation of emotions, levels of anxiety, limiting beliefs, communication, mental preparation of the match, behavior change, attitude development, routines and rituals … the list of terms and mental methods seem endless. But don´t worry! I will help you step by step to integrate the mental area in your work and your training sessions.

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Visit my blog for the most current topics in coaching, sports psychology and mental training in tennis. Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to achieve a winning mind, what it takes to win more games, how to promote change, what the capacity to overcome consists of, how to develop the attitude of the players. Open your treasure chest to success and optimum performance of your players.

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You are an ambitious tennis coach and committed to your work. You train professional players and players with a good level of competition who also have the potential to become professionals. You like to look further, to inquire, and your way of working is unconventional. You are open to new trends, technologies and methods. For you, growing as a coach in an interdisciplinary framework is one of the pillars of success. For you it is fundamental to work in team and you think that developing values such as professionalism, responsibility, team spirit, commitment, discipline, demands, humility, acceptance and commitment are the pillars of your work in the training of champions and people. In your daily work you find the following situations:

  1. Your players do not show their training level in competition. They get nervous during the tournament, they get angry when they make unnecessary mistakes, they give up when things go wrong. After losing a game or several games that they hoped to win, you have to take time to motivate them and give them the confidence they need. Although you have talked a lot with them, you note that their attitude and enthusiasm in training are not the same. They make an effort to improve but in the end you know that they are discouraged. Or, on the other hand, you notice that they press themselves, that they want too much, they want to do it very well and they are not loose in the execution of their shots. For one reason or another, because you see them depressed or with a lot of pressure, they decrese their performance and stagnate. They are not able to achive the change you want and the training becomes more difficult and less rewarding for everyone.
  2. In competition you see that your players fail into the same situations over and over again: a) when they are ahead on scoreboard, for reasons you do not know, they stop playing well and begin to make mistakes and lose. B) Against better opponents they grow but against players who can win they get nervous and play below their possibilities. C) They play the first set very well, getting their best tennis and dominating the opponent. Suddenly, and without knowing why, they lose concentration and although they have some phases of good play it is not enough to win the match.
  3. During prctice some players do not show the attitude and discipline that you would like them to, are not focused and occasionally do not follow your instructions and the improvements you offer. Sometimes they lack the capacity for necessary sacrifice to get out of difficult situations and even though they do the exercises, you notice that they are absent. They lack the confidence and the ability to fight and to look for the necessary solutions to develop consistency in their game and rise to the next level.
    Sometimes it is difficult for you to combine your family life with your work. Competitive tennis demands many hours on court and you also have to travel frequently to tournaments. You fear that your family life will be reduced so much that you can not enjoy your family for as long as you want.

What you want is: Players who have a winning personality, an intense work  ethic in training and competition. That they are committed, open to surpassing themselves and to learn, with enthusiasm, with the capacity of struggle and improvement, concentrated and involved in the task. You want to help your players know how to overcome the stress of competition and understand the adversities and defeats as challenges for those who can learn and grow personally and as tennis players. That they learn to be demanding with themselves, to know how to accept failure, to endure frustration, to know how to use their resources better and to be more successful. You also want to improve your communication with them to understand and support them in their development and learning process. To transmit human and sports values to them so that they grow as a player and person and they become winners in life. You want to optimize your teamwork with the other coaches to increase your success together and use synergies. In addition you aspire to guide the parents better and to support them in the educational and formative process of their children. You want to reconcile your professional and private life. In short, as a coach you want to have a professional life that is motivating, rewarding, fun, consistent, responsible and successful.

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My programs and services

I offer you the following ways of working together ...


With this program you can achieve, in just 10 steps, a winning mentality and lasting success. This Coaching program developed by me during the last eight years in my work with tennis players and coaches includes the necessary steps for your players to get the attitude and commitment that will lead them to success. There are two ways to apply my Coaching program: Coach the player and Coach the coach

Coach the player

Advising your players so they can take advantage of my “Success-Power-Program” following the easy 10 steps. With my Coaching program, you will learn to stay motivated and focused, to improve your self-confidence and to manage the stress of competition. They will also learn to develop the right routines and rituals to maintain a winning and professional attitude.

Coach the coach

Advising you as a coach with my personal and individualized Coaching Success-Power-Program for tennis coaches, with which you will improve and develop the points that you consider necessary to take the next qualitative step in your work.

Online y offline

I offer my Coaching programs in live sessions and in online sessions via Skype.


Every coach knows the following situation: your player has prepared perfectly for the tournament, but in the key moments his mind fails. Pressure, fear and stress in competition lead to nervousness and lack of concentration. Take the first step to solve this situation with a day of Coaching via Skype of 2 to 4 hours. Find out here!

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