You are a professional tennis player and …

• Do you succeed but want a real breakthrough in your sports career? A qualitative leap?
• Do you want to win important matches in your professional career?
• Do you want to win finals against other great players?
• Do you want to increase your level of play and keep it constant in tournaments and against any rival?

You are a tennis player in development and …
• Do you want to be among the best and have constant success?
• Would you like to stop throwing games and losing emotional control on court?
• Do you want to play your best tennis in the critical moments of the game and become successful despite the odds?


You are an ambitious coach and committed to your work. And you want …

• Help your players overcome competition stress and understand adversity and defeat as challenges with which they can grow personally?
• That they learn to be self-demanding and that they improve their ability to overcome and their resistance in situations of difficulty?
• Make your attitude more positive, receptive and happier. That they compete, develop their game effectively and be able to distance themselves from the outcome?

Then, I invite you to know my “Success-Power-Program”.
Individual and exclusive accompaniment to ACHIEVE A WINNING MIND.

My promise

“If you are willing to open your mind and change, we will achived following the 10 steps of my program, that your players develop a winning mentality and lasting success.”


10 Steps to a Winning Mindset and Long-Lasting Success

“You believe in your dreams, we believe in you!” – flowandgrow –

What is the Success-Power-Program (SPP)?

The Sucess-Power-Program is an individual coaching and counseling system organized on 10 levels. With it, players and coaches receive valuable tools, models and information with which to achieve their goals with lasting success and consistent performance. With the SPP you will have the opportunity to know and effectively apply methods of mental training, such as:
• Mental competition plan
• Monitoring of winning objectives
• Various mental control techniques
• Reactivation of high performance responses
• Sensation and focus control
• ABC model for the management of emotions
• Conflict management: Cramer’s communication model
• FLOW: the pyramid of success


What are the objectives of the Success-Power-Program (SPP)?

• During the individual consultation with Prof. Dr. Maite Torres Terry (flowandgrow) we will study your profile of psychological performance. The purpose of this first step is to obtain a detailed analysis of your current mental situation, with which you will be able to know your real capacity to make the change you need
• The second step is to monitor your goals. So that you have clear your vision in the long term, and so that you define your personal winning objectives and your plan of success based on your virtues, potentials, strengths and resources
• We analyze the values and attitudes necessary for your success, with which you can improve your performance
• Later, we will fully enter your mental competition plan, and we will work on reactivating your high-performance responses. With this we will strengthen your confidence in the key moments. With this plan you will succeed despite difficulties and obstacles, and learn to work more professionally in your sport
• Develop proper body language that will translate into a positive attitude that will serve as a stimulus and that will help you overcome any adversity. You will learn how to manage the breaks during the tournament and the time between points, which will help you in your recovery and optimum regeneration
• Knowing the keys to change and personal transformation, you will achieve a winning mind, which will be the base for you to improve your ability to overcome and your resistance in bad times.
• You will know the virtues that a winning tennis player needs and you will know the key to constant success.

“If you can dream it, you can g get it!” Walt Disney




Achieve a winning mentality and lasting success with only 10 steps.

Module 1: Flow-Mastery
I want to change! The reasons, the why of changing


Step 1 – Get to know yourself! Explore yourself as an athlete

  • Analysis of your level of mental and emotional skills.
  • Psychological analysis of your behavior during competition.
  • Knowledge based on objective data: what you should improve on mentally to reach your goals more easily.

Step 2 – Remember your own vision! Make your dreams come true

  • Boosting your motivation and using your entire potential and your energy reserves.
  • Recognize your own qualities as an athlete (what makes you special? What do you stand for?).
  • Set goals in an effective and powerful way so they boost your performance. You reach them more effectively because you’re 100% committed to them.

Step   3 – Achieve your vision! Visualize your success

  • Increase your self-confidence and your “competitive mind”.
  • Know how to be successful and how to be committed 100% and to have a professional attitude toward your sport.

 Module 2: Grow-Mastery
I can change it! Self-confidence and the resources needed to achieve satisfaction


Step 4 – Set effective goals! Planning your success

  • Achieve your goals and success with less effort and more confidence.
  • Use your mental plan of competition to be clear about what you want to do and how.
  • Develop your plan for success based on your strengths, potentials and resources.
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Step 5- Love yourself and your success! Explore your own resources

  • Know your (mostly mental) strengths and make use of them in all circumstances.
  • Show all your skills and abilities in difficult and critical situations.
  • Improve your self confidence, your competitive spirit and show more control.
  • Train how not to succumb to despair or resign yourself when things go wrong.
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Step 6 – Take responsibility for your life! Learn to evaluate yourself and others

  • Be aware that you are the source of what you are, have and do.
  • Learn to recognize and solve problems with your team and / or family, friends, club, federation, etc.
  • Let your sport life be more harmonious and feel your environment as a supporting force instead of being an obstacle or problem.

Module 3: Success-Mastery
I want to change! Responsibility, how do I want to respond? How do I act in a match?

F (32)

Step 7 – Be aware of your thoughts! Do you want to be right or be successful?

  • Develop an open mind, a mind that does not want to be right in its convictions, but has an absolute commitment to the result you want to achieve.
  • Be the boss of your thoughts and emotions rather than relying on them.
  • Choose those thoughts and emotions that lead you to achieve your goals.
  • Have more answers for a higher performance, and manage your concentration, your feelings and your emotions better.
F (62)

Step 8 – Trust yourself and others! The art of communication

  • Communicate more clearly and unambiguously. That makes you more confident and your surroundings understand you better.
  • Be one with your team and together you reach results on a high level more easily.
  • Your internal communication and self-talk in training and competition is more positive, functional and enhances your performance.

Step 9 – Communicate like a winner! Be aware of your body language

  • Having a positive attitude and body language conveys strength and security.
  • Use pauses and breaks during competition optimally for your recovery and to achieve success.
  • You know exactly how you want to react to problems and critical situations.
  • Your body language shows the opponents your mental strength and they have the obligation to beat you because you’ll never give up.
  • Have a positive presence and the right mindset.

Step 10 – Develop your mental competition strategy! Master of your life

  • Be optimally mentally prepared for your competition to show everything you have when it counts.
  • Be a responsible athlete and a role model for your sport because of your successes and for having achieved your dream.
  • Improve your confidence, your competitive spirit and show your strength. You are prepared to resist discouragement, not to settle when things go wrong.